Welcome to TorontoWebsiteDeveloper.com

Hi, I'm Pete.

I live in Toronto and develop websites in my spare time exclusively with Drupal and record Drupal video tutorials to help others learn to develop their own sites.

Unfortunately, I'm not available for work if you need help nor am I a designer so please keep that in mind.

Feel free to check out a video tutorial or two and leave a comment to let me know if they help out.


What Clients Are Saying

I had an issue with my website and really had nowhere to turn. I found Peter’s YouTube page and “how-to” videos, which I have to say are very informative and right to the point. I was missing something on my site which might be easy for someone like Peter, but I had no idea. It had me crazy so I emailed him and he took the time out of the his busy day to troubleshoot a couple of things and within 3 emails back and forth it was fixed. Again thank you Peter for your time and knowledge. GREAT WORK!
- Jamie McCready, President/CEO, www.hotmarketdesign.com

Pete, I can't thank you enough. Your diligence through this has been above and beyond. I never would have expected all the help that you gave me and I can't thank you enough. I'm from the south, and I've always heard of 'southern hospitality', but now I'll refer to it as 'toronto' hospitality!
- Rodney Huckey, owner of elitecoreaudio.com

Peter converted a FLASH-based website to Drupal within a very short time period (we had to relaunch by a certain date). During that three-week period he consistently met his targets and was able to explain to me far more about web development than I've ever known. The result: a redeveloped site, delivered on time and looking/functioning better than I had envisioned. Please check out the results for yourself at www.amchitka-concert.com. Based on our confidence in Pete's ability, we are now hosting our Amchitka site on his server.
- John Timmins, Foundations and Special Projects, Greenpeace Canada