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Setting Up Drupal 7 / Ubercart Affiliate Sales - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #10

To conclude this Drupal video tutorial series, we check out the Ubercart Affiliate 2 module to set up affiliate sales. In doing so, I walk you through the entire module configuration which provides pretty much everything you need right out of the box.

Drupal 7, Ubercart, Ubercart Affiliate, Drupal Planet
Improving Drupal 7 Ubercart Event Registrations - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #9

In this Drupal video tutorial, we cover A LOT of ground as we continue building our event registration system which relies on the Pay Per Node module, making it more user friendly for our customers and administrators.

We cover the following:
1:10 - Using Views and the References module, we create a node reference on the customer's registration page which links to our existing events for the user to select.

3:30 - Using the Auto Node Titles module, we create an automatic node title for registrations so we can hide the field from our customers.

5:00 - We create a custom module to limit the events listed on a registration page to just those a customer has purchased (As an aside, you may want to update this code so that it only lists upcoming events -- you could do this in Views with the Date module).

16:00 - We alter the menu for Pay Per Node to make our menu tabs a little nicer for users.

18:00 - We add a list of registrations on the actual event product for administrators to see who has registered for their event. We also use the Views Send module to allow administrators to email those customers.

25:25 Lastly, with the Calendar module, we create a Calendar to show all of our upcoming events.

Drupal 7, Ubercart, Pay Per Node
How to Create An Event Registration System with Ubercart - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #8

In this drupal video tutorial, I show you how to create an event registration system. To do so, we rely on a few modules, most importantly, the Pay Per Node module. Essentially, Pay Per Node allows us to set up a product feature so that when a user purchases a specific product, they are given permission to create a node once the order is complete.

In this tutorial, we set up a new product class, an Event, and using the Date module, associate the event with a specific date. Users can see the event as a product and add it to their cart like any other product. Once their purchase is complete, they are able to log in and fill out a registration form that we created as a separate content type.

This tutorial will walk you through how to set up Drupal and Ubercart to get the basic functionality going. In the next tutorial, I show you how to make the system a little more user friendly to customers and administrators.

Drupal 7, Ubercart, Pay Per Node
How to Use LESS CSS Dynamic Stylesheet Language with Drupal 7 - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #7 In the 7 Drupal video tutorial in this 10 part series, I show you how to configure the LESS CSS Dynamic Stylesheet Language for Drupal sites. We again build off our existing subtheme and doing so requires the Drupal LESS module. After we have the module configured and running (which includes editing our .info file), I walk you through LESS mixins, variables, functions and nesting. LESS is an amazing tool and something I definitely recommend you use for your projects! You can now purchase the entire series on advanced e-commerce sites with Drupal 7 and Ubercart before all tutorials are released. Ubercart, Drupal 7, LESS
Drupal 7 Template Preprocess Functions and TPL Files - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #6

In this sixth drupal video tutorial of this ten part series, we continue with Drupal 7 theming and I show you how to use the template.php and node--product.tpl.php file to create a custom layout for our product pages. This allows us to pass single variables into our Ubercart product pages and render them in a specific order. As a result, we end up with a 3 column layout of information.

Ubercart, Theming, Drupal 7
How to Configure Omega, Delta and Context - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #5

In this Drupal Video Tutorial, we continuing theming our site and I show you how to configure the Omega Theme, Delta Module and Context Module. In doing so, we walk through the settings for Omega and create a custom Delta configuration for our product page. We then use the Context module to invoke the Delta that we created.

Ubercart, Drupal 7, Omega, Delta, Context
How to Create an Omega Submtheme - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #4

In the fourth Drupal video tutorial of this 10 part follow up series on Drupal 7 and Ubercart, we switch gears to start looking at theming. Specifically, we download the Omega theme to create a subtheme theme of our own.

In doing so, we download a few different modules to help out, specifically Omega Tools. The tutorial covers three different methods to create an Omega subtheme for your site; using using Omega Tools, manually creating a subtheme and uploading it and finally, using Omega Tools and Drush via the command line.

Ubercart, Drupal 7, Omega
How to Create Ubercart Coupons and Automatic Discounts - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #3

In this Drupal video tutorial, we install the Ubercart Discount Coupon Module and I show you how to configure it to create general coupons users can use at the checkout, create coupons that are automatically emailed to a user after they purchase a specific product and lastly, to create coupons that are automatically applied to an order based on the number of products in the cart.

Ubercart, Drupal 7, Coupons
How to Bulk Upload Products with the UC Feeds Module- Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #2

In this Drupal video tutorial, I show you how to bulk import products into Ubercart using the Drupal 7 Feeds Module and UC_Feeds Module.

To do so, we first need to download and install the modules along with Job Scheduler. Then we walk through how to create an Importer and set up an excel spreadsheet, saving it as a CSV file. There are a couple sticking points in the tutorial that I make sure to point out - specifically, how to make sure you images are uploaded properly and how to configure weights in your spreadsheet.

Ubercart, Drupal 7, Feeds
Continuing Your E-Commerce Site with Drupal 7 & Ubercart: 1 - How to Update Drupal

To begin this Drupal video tutorial series on continuing to build your e-commerce site using Drupal and Ubercart, I show you how to update your Drupal site - something I should have covered off before we went live in the first series.

In this tutorial, we begin by putting the site in maintenance mode and then I walk you through three different update methods: updating your site via the website itself using the Update Manager module, manually updating the site by uploading a new version of Drupal core and finally we take a look at Drush and how it can be used to update your Drupal site. Although I mention it a few times in the tutorial, I can't stress enough that you should back up your database and all site files before beginning an update.

Ubercart, Drupal 7


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