Drupal 7 Views Module Tutorial Series

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Not sure where to start with the Views module? Now you can get the entire Views Module Tutorial Series for only $19.99, payable by PayPal - no account required. With it, you'll get the HD and iPod versions and a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied, I'll refund your money within 7 days of the purchase, no questions asked.

This Drupal Video Tutorial Series will walk you through the entire Views module, teaching you everything you need to know. Over 3 hours long, it will teach you how to set up Views, navigate the Views UI, understand Relationships, Contextual Filters and so much more. When you purchase this, you'll also get re-recorded chapter introductions and conclusions to solidify concepts only available for this download.

Who Should Buy This

I created this series to help Drupal users of all ranges. Whether you're brand new to Drupal and not sure what everyone is talking about when they say "Views can do that" or a module developer looking to integrate with Views, this series will have something for you. The chapters are ordered in a logical progression so if you're familiar with a topic covered, no problem, just skip ahead.

Here's What's Covered

Chapter 1: Installing the Module and Creating a Basic View. We start by installing the module and then I walk you through the basics of a creating a view of teasers.

Chapter 2: Customizing Your View. In this chapter, we begin familiarizing ourselves with the View UI and customize our view by adding new fields, sorts and filters.

Chapter 3: Menus, Headers, Footers and Pagers. We continue developing our view and look at adding menu tabs, headers, footers and pagers to our view. This chapter is particularly useful because it introduces the concept of view overrides which we use to create menu tabs that almost act as a filter for users.

Chapter 4: Blocks, Attachments and Exposed Filters. Up until this chapter, we've been strictly working with Page views. Here, I show you how to create a Block with Views and place it on our site. From there, we look at View Attachments which basically allow us to combine two views into some serious awesomeness. Lastly, we look at exposed filters - a handy tool which empower your users to filter content available to them.

Chapter 5: Theming Views. This chapter is one of my favorites. In it, we check out the Views theming system which allows us to customize the look and feel of our Views. We end up covering 3 different methods - adding css to fields, adding template files and finally, using preprocess functions.

Chapter 6: Contextual Filters and Relationships. In this chapter, we switch gears and begin looking at the more technical side of Views. Contextual Filters and Relationships can be confusing for new View users so here we spend some time to break them down, understand what they are and how we can use them.

Chapter 7: Integrating a Custom Module with Views. Next up, we get even more technical and begin looking at the Views API which allows us to hook our module into it so that we can create views based on our module's data. In this chapter, we look at a number of different view function calls (or view hooks).

Chapter 8: Creating Custom Field Handlers. Building off the previous chapter, we now look at how to create a custom field handler. In doing so, this chapter covers some technical concepts like PHP Objects of which Views uses extensively. We conclude the chapter with our own handler which overrides our output with the word "BLANK".

Chapter 9: Cloning, Importing and Exporting Views. Nearing the end of the series, we cover off the important concepts of cloning, importing and exporting views and their common use cases. Each one of these tools provides us with some much needed convenience and it's important to understand how each works and when we may need them.

Chapter 10: Cool Views Add-on Modules. In the final chapter of this series, we take a look at a number of additional modules that work well with views to provide some cool functionality like Image Slideshows, Google Maps / Store Locators and Entity References. I then conclude the series with a full recap of all that we've learned.

What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for this. This tutorial, step by step, is exactly what I needed to launch my learning this part of Drupal.
- DekeRadio

Excellent! Thanks for explaining the "why you do such and such" rather than "then click here" method, as so many tutorials seem to do. The Views Module is now so much easier to understand and realize the power of it.
- Alyn Murray

I love drupal. Forget sleep. This blows my mind.
- doverNHUSA

I love the speed with which you go through this matter and still cover it thoroughly. Keep it coming :-) The possibilities of Drupal and Views can be quite intimidating and it's cool to see you break it down into workable chunks.
- Ron van Middendor

Thanks for the guide, those menu tabs in views have been driving me nuts all morning! :) still don't know what the 'default tab' is for. The terminology in Drupal has a lot to be desired and I've been using it for a couple of years!
- iSmellaRat

Great job with the videos it surely help me out alot using views.. drupal is hard to use especially if your new to using CMS like i am so thank you sir for all your help
- sol0matrix

Thanks for the info and for your great work, Pete. I have started to work on my first commercial Drupal 7 & Ubercart website and your tutorials are really helpful
- Lukasz Muchowski

I really appreciate the fact that people like you are willing to help us newbies out here to learn this stuff. Thanks!.
-David Needham

Not convinced? Here are 7 reasons to buy this series:

  1. For a limited time, the series is only $19.99 to own.
  2. You get both the HD version and an iPhone version so you can watch on the go.
  3. You can take the series with you anywhere (but please don't watch it in the bathroom).
  4. Never worry about the tutorials being taking offline or not being able to find them if you need to revisit them.
  5. I've replaced the introductions and conclusions with learning objectives and summaries to help you solidify concepts.
  6. Now you can invite your friends over for pizza, beers and a night of TorontoWebsiteDeveloper Views development.
  7. You get a 7 day, 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the purchase.

Still not convinced? Maybe You Have a Question:

Question: What's the difference between this and the tutorials on Youtube?  Answer: I've gone ahead and re-recorded the introductions and conclusions to help crystallize your learning. You'll also get the iPhone version included to watching on the go.

Question: Is it really 100% satisfaction guaranteed?
Yup, no questions asked. However, if you want to tell me how to improve future videos when you request your money back, I'd really appreciate that.

Question: Does this mean you are going to stop doing free tutorials?
Nope. I started recording tutorials to help give back to the Drupal community and it is something I still love doing. I plan to keep recording tutorials but it is becoming harder and harder to find the time. Selling a series here and there will help me refrain from having to take on additional development products so I can to continue to produce these videos.

Question: $19.99 is too low, can I pay more?
I really appreciate the sentiment but for now, let's keep it at $19.99. If you really want to help out, you could spread the word about my tutorials though. If you really want to get nuts, maybe a thumbs up on Youtube or a positive comment as well?