June 2013 Income and Youtube Channel Analytics

So, since publishing my first income report, it has become the 7th most popular piece of content on my site (in case you're wondering, my EVA module tutorial remains #1, followed by the tutorial listing page and the others are related to my Views series in some way). Anyways, seems like there is some interest in the topic so figure I'll keep it going.

Before sharing the June results, there are a couple things to note because June was an interesting month:

  1. I took a vacation with my wife to St. Martin from May 30 to June 6 and didn't do any web work between May 30 and June 10 (including tutorials).
  2. My site went down on 3 different occasions ranging from 1 day to 2 days at a time. This was INSANELY frustrating. Once was because the apache service stopped on my server while I was in St. Martin without internet access (it was $16/day so I didn't get it every day) and the others were due in part to Host Gator deciding to migrate my site to a new server. Won't get into the challenges here but may post about lessons learned when I have some time.
  3. I got a lot of unexpected web work in June. A few clients ramped up their projects and I got the unexpected opportunity to work with Acquia to update the Flag Friend module. Still excited about that and hugely appreciative of Socketwench for putting them on to me and Katie for reaching out with the opportunity. The patch is 99% done and you can check it out here.
  4. I only posted 2 video tutorials in June. This was disappointing but with the vacation and extra web work, I just didn't have the time to do more.

So that all said, I definitely have bigger plans in July. I'm starting to plan a number of different video tutorials series, trying to do a better job of coordinating materials across them, building from the ground up to create a foundation for new Drupal users and different threads they can follow to learn more. I'm really pumped about this and will be posting updates on my site as the materials develops. I'm also thinking about writing an e-book or two, time permitting, and need to get my email newsletter going again. 

Make sure to check out come back to the site for updates.

June 2013 Income

  • Adsense (TWD.com and a small niche site) - $35.33, -$21.25 from May
  • Youtube Adsense (estimated) - $171.03 - +$5.39 from May
  • Tutorial sales on TWD.com - 7 tutorials bought, $117.94, -6 tutorials and -$104.71 from May
  • Host Gator affiliate sales - $50, +$50 from May

​Total - $374.30, -$70.57 from June

Income Notes

I should mention, the Youtube adsense is estimated because YouTube doesn't confirm earnings until the middle of the month and I didn't want to wait that long for my report. Additionally, it's awesome to get a Host Gator affiliate sale. Despite my difficulties with them recently, their technical support is awesome and very responsive. I still recommend them as a host BUT they have changed their affiliate payout policy. Essentially, Host Gator don't pay out until you have $100 earned commissions (or 2 commissions) and if you don't earn a second within 180 days of the first, you lose that commission. That definitely sucks and I'm hoping someone out there needs hosting and clicks through my affiliate link.

With all that, it's a little disappoint to see my income slip but like I mentioned in the previous income report, not surprising. May was an awesome month and my best to date, "passive" income wise. And though my "passive" income slipped, I managed to take 12 days away from all work to relax and vacation while still earning a few hundred dollars. I also earned more through regular web development in May but that's bittersweet as that income comes in addition to a full time job unrelated to Drupal and my leisure time is obviously limited.

June YouTube Analytics

  • Total number of videos as of June 30, 2013 - 57, +2 more than May 30, 2013
  • Video Views - 24,236, -3,570 less than May
  • Estimated Minutes Watched - 154,485, -18,869 less than May
  • Likes - 203, -116 less than May
  • Dislikes - 2, even with May
  • Comments - 118, -66 less than May
  • Shares - 6, -10 less than May
  • Favorites Added - 24, -2 less than May
  • Subscribers - 260, -14 less than May

Youtube Notes

Damn. It sucks to see the analytics drop like this, no other way to put it. Having my website down for a few days definitely hurt my YouTube stats as I do get at least a couple hundred views a day from it. Combined with the fact that I didn't produce much in June, it's no surprise the stats went down. However, this is clearly motivating for July - wish I'd done the report sooner to be completely honest. 

However, there are a few positives here:

  • Despite the drop, Subscribers remained relatively consistent. This is a huge plus for me as I'm trying to build a community around my videos so having people continue to subscribe to the Channel is great, a clear indication that people are still thirsty for Drupal knowledge.
  • While my newest video tutorials on the Heartbeat module haven't been overly popular, I've gotten a great positive response from them. While the most recent video tutorial has only been viewed 56 times, it has gotten the thumbs up 15 times. Almost 1 in 4 people has liked the video. That's awesome.

Asking people to leave a comment, give a video a thumbs up, or subscribe has proven successful. I've tested it by mentioning it at the beginning of a video, not mentioning it at all, mentioning it at the end of a video and just including text requesting it during the title screen.

Obviously not requesting it and requesting it at the end of a video has sucked, both terrible responses. When I didn't ask for this at the beginning of a video but included it in the title text, I got 3 thumbs up in 132 views but when I did ask for it explicitly at the beginning of a video, I got 15 likes on 56 views. Clearly there are other factors but explicitly asking the help has had a positive impact and I'll be sure to keep asking for the same help to promote the videos as YouTube takes viewer engagement into account when suggesting videos.

As I mentioned earlier, I have big plans for the next couple of months in terms of tutorial production so I can hopefully turn these analytics around for the July report.

Top 10 Videos


Not much changed in the Top 10 and that's not really surprising. I only produced 2 video tutorials in June and they weren't earth shattering, they were about creating a Drupal activity feed using the Heartbeat module. I developed them because I was trying to use the module and frustrated with how long it took me to figure it out. Clearly it isn't a huge Drupal topic like Views or Ubercart which continue to dominate my top 10 videos.

Nonetheless, I'm interested to see how July will end up. I got an email from Alex at Ubercart who mentioned that all of the second series is up on the Ubercart site and the tutorials should also be included on the Ubercart project page on Drupal in the near future. I'm interested to see how this will affect tutorial views for that series as the analytics for that series are no where near the first series.

Closing Thoughts

I've been thinking about how to market my tutorials and I think the best way to go about it is to build a community and better coordinate my tutorials. To that end, I'll be making some changes on my site and tutorial planning in the coming months. I was also planning on attending Drupal Camp Toronto and hopefully presenting again but unfortunately I'm not available the weekend it is planned. I do like the idea of contributing documentation to Drupal.org but just don't think I'll have the time... that's part of the reason I do the video tutorials, because I find it easier to explain myself with a visual aid but maybe I'll revisit that.

Thanks for reading. I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment below and let me know what you think or any questions you might have.


Just a quick note to say a) Pleased to see you make some return from all your efforts even though I know that's not the driving reason behind providing the tutorials, b) Thanks in general, as your tutorials - especially those on Views - have been great and really helped me develop my skills.

I'm also launching my own Drupal fan site - for want of a better description - shortly as an extended blog into my adventures as an old programmer returning after years of hedonism in other jobs which aims to encourage other older people (mid forties) to take up Drupal and web development in general. I won't be creating any video tutorials but will definitely be linking to your site and youtube channels so hopefully that will help drive some more happy viewers in your direction.

All the best from Wales