Improving Drupal 7 Ubercart Event Registrations - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #9

In this Drupal video tutorial, we cover A LOT of ground as we continue building our event registration system which relies on the Pay Per Node module, making it more user friendly for our customers and administrators.

We cover the following:
1:10 - Using Views and the References module, we create a node reference on the customer's registration page which links to our existing events for the user to select.

3:30 - Using the Auto Node Titles module, we create an automatic node title for registrations so we can hide the field from our customers.

5:00 - We create a custom module to limit the events listed on a registration page to just those a customer has purchased (As an aside, you may want to update this code so that it only lists upcoming events -- you could do this in Views with the Date module).

16:00 - We alter the menu for Pay Per Node to make our menu tabs a little nicer for users.

18:00 - We add a list of registrations on the actual event product for administrators to see who has registered for their event. We also use the Views Send module to allow administrators to email those customers.

25:25 Lastly, with the Calendar module, we create a Calendar to show all of our upcoming events.