Drupal 6 Simplenews Subscription Block Override - Tutorial 1 of 2

In this Drupal Video Tutorial, we look at the Simplenews module and create a custom module to override the Simplenews subscription block. Using hook_form_alter, we rename the Simplenews save button and remove the Simplenews radio buttons for subscribe and unsubscribe.

This tutorial could also be considered a basic Drupal module development tutorial as we call hook_form_alter via a custom module. When viewing this tutorial, I assume you familiar with Simplenews and have the module already installed and Simplenews subscription block enabled.

In tutorial 2 for Simplenews Subscription Block Override, we replace the "save" button with an image button and introduce some jquery to our custom module so that the Simplenews subscription form fields is prepopulated with "Subscribe..." which disappears when a user clicks on the form field.