Drupal 7 Node Reference Tutorial

In this drupal video tutorial, we look at automatic node references in Drupal 7. Using the Node Reference Url, References, EVA and Views modules, we create an event registration system where our event nodes have a registration link for site visitors which automatically directs them to a registration form that is associated with the event. The tutorial takes it a step further and shows you how to list all registrants on the event node as well.

This tutorial is about 10 minutes long and expands on episode 37 of Mustard Seed Media's video podcast which shows similar functionality for Drupal 6.

NOTE: Since this video tutorial, Drupal 7.7 was released and a new version of views. To make this work in Views, the contextual filter has changed - you need to select 'add contextual filters' dialog, chose 'Content: Event(field_event)' and press the 'Add and configure contextual filters' button. In the next dialog chose 'Provide default value' option and you will be prompted with 'Type' combo box. Select 'Content ID from URL'. Hit 'Apply' and save the view definition. Big thanks to Rama for pointing this out!