How to Create An Event Registration System with Ubercart - Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #8

In this drupal video tutorial, I show you how to create an event registration system. To do so, we rely on a few modules, most importantly, the Pay Per Node module. Essentially, Pay Per Node allows us to set up a product feature so that when a user purchases a specific product, they are given permission to create a node once the order is complete.

In this tutorial, we set up a new product class, an Event, and using the Date module, associate the event with a specific date. Users can see the event as a product and add it to their cart like any other product. Once their purchase is complete, they are able to log in and fill out a registration form that we created as a separate content type.

This tutorial will walk you through how to set up Drupal and Ubercart to get the basic functionality going. In the next tutorial, I show you how to make the system a little more user friendly to customers and administrators.