Web Hacking: Hacking Pro Tips with @ITSecurityGuard Patrik Fehrenbach

Web Hacking 101: https://goo.gl/BGhTAz

In this second Web Hacking 101 Pro Tips interview, I chat with @ITSecurityGuard, Patrik Fehrenbach, ranked #32 on BugCrowd with Hall of Fame from Google, Microsoft, Paypal, Prezi, T-Online, Fogkreek, Yahoo.

In it, we discuss:
- How he got started hacking
- How he approaches a target
- How he tests new vulnerabilities
- How he continues to learns about hacking
- What tools he uses to hack
- His research and the importance of IPV4 vs IPV6 in hacking
- What advice he has for new hackers

Links to what we discuss:
- Patrik's Blog: https://blog.it-securityguard.com/
- Patrik's talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAq4hYhtVLQ
- HttpScreenShot: https://github.com/breenmachine/httpscreenshot
- Nmap: https://nmap.org/