Introduction to PHP Tutorial Series

Want to get started with website development? Now you can get the entire Introduction to PHP Tutorial Series for only $19.99, payable by PayPal - no account required. With it, you'll get the HD and iPod versions and a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied, I'll refund your money within 7 days of the purchase, no questions asked.

This PHP Video Tutorial Series will walk you through an entire introduction to PHP, teaching you everything you need to know. Over 2 hours long, it will introduce you to IF statements, arrays, loops, functions and object oriented programming. When you purchase this, you'll also get re-recorded chapter introductions and conclusions to solidify concepts only available with this purchase.

Who Should Buy This

I created this series to help introduct novices to the PHP programming language. Whether you're brand new to Drupal or just looking to develop your own website, this series will help you understand the basics of programming. The chapters are ordered in a logical progression so if you're familiar with a topic covered, no problem, just skip ahead.

Here's What's Covered

Chapter 1: Introduction to PHP. We start by setting up our environment with a WAMP (or MAMP) server and Eclipse.

Chapter 2: Comments, Spacing and Variables. In this chapter, I walk you through 3 different types of comments, how PHP handles white space and how to create your own variables, including defining constants.

Chapter 3: Arithmatic Operators. We continue the series by looking at how PHP allows us to handle arithmatic operations, including shorthands for incrementing and decrementing a value which comes in very handy through PHP development.

Chapter 4: PHP IF Statements. Up until this chapter, we haven't done too much logical programming. Introducing the IF statement allows us to change that up and do some more dynamic operations which depend on certain conditions to be true.

Chapter 5: Nested IF and Switch Statements. This chapter builds from Chapter 4 and we look at nesting IF statements, or having IF statements inside of IF statements. In doing so, I also introduce you to the $_POST variable in PHP. We conclude with a look at Switch statements and how they are similar and different from IF statements.

Chapter 6: Arrays. Perhaps my favorite chapter in the series, here the series gets a little more complex and we look at the concept of arrays whcih are like a collection of variables which actually exist within one variable itself. This chapter includes multidimensional, structured and unstructured arrays.

Chapter 7: Loops. Next up, we get even more technical and begin looking at PHP loops. We start with the for loop, followed by the while, do while and for each.

Chapter 8: PHP Functions. From there, we switch gears to take a look at how we can create our own PHP functions. In doing so, we look at passing in arguments and what we mean by passing an argument by reference.

Chapter 9: PHP Functions Continued. Nearing the end of the series, we stick with PHP functions and look at the PHP keyword require. We also use the $_SESSION variable and functions to allow users to enter a starting lineup on our website.

Chapter 10: Introduction to Objects. In the final chapter of this series, we take a look at object oriented programming and I show you how to define a class, instantiate an object, call object methods and the difference between private and public access modifiers.

What People Are Saying

Great effort...very well laid out !!! Good Work :)
- Prerit Bhatnagar

Great video. I cant wait for the rest. I know just enough to break things so this should be helpful. I really enjoy your tuts.
- James Creekmore

So excited about this series. You also mentioned going to development of drupal modules; that's really exciting. Very grateful!
- Amir Sabry

I use to be a asp web developer and learning PHP from your tutorials refreshed all the work i did in my early days. Thanks for creating and posting such nice tutorials for the benefit of all.
- Vikas Arora

Pete, your tutorials have helped me tremendously. Let me just say that I love the relatively quick pace. I know everyone processes information at a different rate, but some others really drag out (and then I space out and lose focus). These are right on point! Thanks so much.
- Johannah Warren

Pete, thank you so much for this tutorial series. Very well done.
- jeffguroo1

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  1. For a limited time, the series is only $19.99 to own.
  2. You get both the HD version and an iPhone version so you can watch on the go.
  3. You can take the series with you anywhere (but please don't watch it in the bathroom).
  4. Never worry about the tutorials being taking offline or not being able to find them if you need to revisit them.
  5. I've replaced the introductions and conclusions with learning objectives and summaries to help you solidify concepts.
  6. Now you can invite your friends over for pizza, beers and a night of TorontoWebsiteDeveloper PHP development.
  7. You get a 7 day, 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the purchase.

Still not convinced? Maybe You Have a Question:

Question: What's the difference between this and the tutorials on Youtube? 
Answer: I've gone ahead and re-recorded the introductions and conclusions to help crystallize your learning. You'll also get the iPhone version included to watching on the go.

Question: Is it really 100% satisfaction guaranteed?
Yup, no questions asked. However, if you want to tell me how to improve future videos when you request your money back, I'd really appreciate that.

Question: Does this mean you are going to stop doing free tutorials?
Nope. I started recording tutorials to help give back to the Drupal community and it is something I still love doing. I plan to keep recording tutorials but it is becoming harder and harder to find the time. Selling a series here and there will help me refrain from having to take on additional development products so I can to continue to produce these videos.

Question: $19.99 is too low, can I pay more?
I really appreciate the sentiment but for now, let's keep it at $19.99. If you really want to help out, you could spread the word about my tutorials though. If you really want to get nuts, maybe a thumbs up on YouTube or a positive comment as well?